NYC Live Arts

Coming Spring 2017!

NYC Live Arts is a not-for-profit division of NYC Live Media, a live video streaming website dedicated to the arts community. We plan to commandeer public spaces for the arts in NYC and stream their performances live

In recent history, NYC has been considered one of the strongest contributors to American arts and culture. In the 60s and 70s, buildings seized by the city for non-payment of taxes by absentee landlords became incubators for a renaissance in the arts. The availability of cheap rent and large spaces spawned punk rock, the post-modern arts movement and hip-hop, among others. The NYC scene also gave rise to new theater companies. The works produced have always been of a different feel than the more traditional fare - experimental and fringe, unrestricted by the dictates of big budgets and their accompanying bureaucracy, and characterized by a New York willingness to push the boundaries.

Living in NYC, it seems like everyone I know is either an artist, actor, architect, musician, writer, director, photographer or in some way connected to the arts. Walking down any street you could find art; tile mosaics over-growing walls and sign posts, beautiful graffiti, the sound of practicing bands blasting up through sidewalk grating, store front experimental theaters offering a peek at mysteries hidden behind black curtain walls. I think this is why we all live in NYC: there was an unspoken agreement among the residents that NYC's artistic lifestyle would remain alive during our watch. Not just another New York crowd, but a gathering of individuals.

Today those large spaces are no longer affordable. Skyrocketing rents over the last two decades have pushed most of the artists out. As performance spaces in NYC lose their fight against meteoric real-estate values, the threat to our living history of arts, theater and music is not an idle one. Last few years saw the closing of three more hold-outs, the Ohio Theater in SoHo, Collective: Unconscious performance group and Mo Pitkins' House of Satisfaction, a relatively new establishment which served as a museum of sorts to NYC's recent influence on the arts.

Although we acknowledge that the internet can never capture the experience of live in-person entertainment, it is the goal of NYC Live Arts to create a source of revenue for the arts community of NYC that does not exist now. The high quality of live entertainment in NYC can draw a large internet following, thus we can turn that following in to a source of revenue that can support an environment that will incubate a NEW!! renaissance of the arts in NYC

We plan to give 100% of our pay-per-view proceeds to the live performers. 100%, so the artists of NYC can make a living at what they love and do best, thus increasing the production of the arts here in NYC and bringing in much needed revenue from the world to NYC and America.. creating jobs and contributing to the arts, all while promoting NYC and America to the world

We hope that by doing so we will be easing NYC arts communities transition from the physical to the virtual performance space, and continuing the long tradition of encouraging the growth of new ideas about the human condition that only a strong arts community can ensure.

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